Our Commitment

Brother Frederick Turbide was in the Union movement for over 45 years and founded Novel Notion Advertising Inc. with his wife Maria Chaves-Turbide in 1995. Following Frederick's passing in December 2016, Maria, their daughter Sara, and long-time friend and staff member Peter continue to raise awareness on the availability of true Union product and the importance of promoting Union. 

Novel Notion Advertising Inc. is a Canadian Union company that takes an active part in the Union movement by participating in Union events as well as providing true Union made promotional products to enhance visibility and strength. Our commitment is to help raise awareness and membership participation. We believe that logo visibility is a key to solidarity and promotional products are the most visible advertising medium.

Union Goods & Services

Our product carries a verifiable Union label and/or a first and/or last page of manufacturer’s collective agreement. When ordering from Novel Notion Advertising Inc. be assured you are promoting true union Solidarity and Pride.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide quality workmanship with on-time service for the growth and prosperity of members and community.