Until Now
Novel Notion Advertising began with a passion - the passion and love of helping people that defined Frederick Turbide. Frederick and Maria Turbide founded NNA Promo in 1995 and focused their business on building relationships with Union organizations throughout North America and became known as the Union Proud promotions company. Frederick's outgoing personality and trusting nature helped to grow the company and its Union Proud reputation.  In December of 2016, Frederick's trusting personality became his undoing. He invested in what turned out to be a fraudulent company and lost his life's savings. What the Novel Notion family lost was Frederick himself. As a result of the fraud, the only choice Frederick saw was to take his own life. He left us on December 21, 2016. As a result of Frederick's death, Maria and their four children, Sara, Tomas, Jaime and Dario, dedicated their time to spreading the word on the illegal practice of binary options trading and investment fraud. With several media interviews completed and having contributed to changes in legislation in Canada and abroad, the family has turned its attention back to the company and its Union Proud roots. Sara has re-joined NNA as its Operations Manager, Maria is the Sole Proprieter and is in the office full-time. Peter Meuller is helping to grow the company as he always has and is an asset the company is endlessley grateful to have. As we turn our attention to a new year and growing stronger in 2018, we will always recognize the loving and carismatic face as the heart and soul of Novel Notion Advertising. 
The W5 news story on Frederick's death.